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At Tessima We Believe...

Each one of you holds a potential beauty within, just waiting to reveal and express itself. Salon Tessima commits to working with the substance, the natural, and the light while taking into consideration your taste, complexion, look, personality as well as taking into account your capabilities for the frequency of maintenance. Salon Tessima, a versatile and perpetual developing spa established by owner in 1976, revolves solely around positivism, uniqueness, evolution and the fulfillment of our customer’s desires. We have built our business through hard work and dedication, which allowed us to become the business we are today. We take great pride in providing you with the solutions for all your personal and aesthetic needs. Our commitment to you is one of excellence in all we do.

The mission of our business is to create a warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and diverse environment with, of course, the expertise of our professionals whose aim is making every experience at Salon Tessima a memorable one. By pooling our resources, canalizing our energy and with our impressive team of experts we have developed a unique, brilliant and esteemed atmosphere for our customers, of which our reputation precedes us. Clearly, by dazzling our clientele with life changing creations and much needed variations of style, we always put our clientele first and foremost to guarantee the best service possible. To summarize our concept with simplicity: quality and satisfaction is key.

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